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Knowing Christ

Man was created to live forever somewhere. Forever with God, in the splendor of

Heaven; or forever without God, in the horrors of a place called Hell. It is not

the will of God that anyone should go to that horrible place, rather, it is His

will that all live with Him in Heaven.

Do you know how to get to Heaven?
If you were to die today, do you know for sure you would go to Heaven?

Perhaps you do not know how to experience a relationship with God. We would love to talk with

you and lead you into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ask for God’s forgiveness!
Believe He loves you and is willing to forgive you.

Confess Him as your Savior!

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance we may offer, in knowing Christ, and in having

the assurance of living with Him one day.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 828-264-7750 or email us.

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