Ministries - Adults

Our adult Sunday school classes offer a variety of choices for any age, gender, or study preference.

• Men 1 Class:  This class is made up of mostly older men but they welcome men of any age.  They use a variety of resources to offer a study that Bible based and includes a lot of discussion.

• Women 2 Class:  These women are the matriarchs of our church.  If you want to know anything about Greenway, just ask anyone of them because they have been here since it began.  Their study is from, “Explore the Bible.”

• Couples 4 (Hope) Class:  This class is older couples who also have been around for a while.  There are also a few single folks who enjoy this class as well.  They always welcome new people.  Don’t let this age group fool you, because this is a fun group of folks to hang out with.  They also use “Explore the Bible.”

• Women 1 Class:  This class is women of all ages who love ministering to others.  Their class is not only a fun class but a class who believes in discussion.  They use “Explore the Bible.” 

• Mustard Seed Class:  This class discusses the challenges of being a follower of Jesus Christ in today's world, using a self-generated scripturally based curriculum that draws from TV shows, movies, and local and national media.

• Vineyard Class:  I can’t say enough about this class and the outreach to the community.  This class, regardless of the subject matter of the class which varies, is always doing something for the community.  This is a mission driven class who believes in teamwork. 

• Young Adults Class:  This class is more for young couples with or without children.  They keep the study fresh and applicable for today’s young families.  They welcome young couples or singles in their class.  If you have young children, then this is the class for you.  If you are out of college and a career person, I also recommend this class. 

• Intercessory Prayer Class:  This is one of our most unique classes.  It is very small, no teacher, no quarterlies, only prayer.  This is a class for anyone who feels called to intercede in prayer for others.  You don’t have to sign up, just walk into the class and start praying. 

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